Sep 192014

Full of the best of intentions, I wanted to share each of the 4 Healer Guide cards from the Rainbow Travellers Tarot in recognition of the week of Sept 8th to the 14th which was Invisible Illness Awareness Week.  As life would have it my own struggles with Fibromyalgia, Migraines and Chronic Fatigue kind of got in the way of me posting each day. While a bit disappointed I didn’t meet that rather lofty goal, I won’t let that stop me from continuing on with my original intention, even if it takes me longer than I would have liked.

One of the things about living with a chronic illness is that you have to accept that you have limitations, and they can change daily.  One of the most important things you can do to support yourself is to rethink the initial thoughts you might have at not being able to do what you set out, and to reset new more achievable goals, while being kind and gentle with yourself. Not always an easy thing to do and the Healer of Swords can help with this and so many other challenges.

The Healer of Swords is balanced as she swirls and focuses on the present moment.  She is wise and uses her intuition to clearly see what you are facing.  She is aware of the power of words and understands the times when there was a need to dance around what you could say to feel safe.  Swords is a suit of our thoughts and our mind.  The endless conversations that occur in our inner world that often have an impact on our perceptions and in fact the reality of our experiences.  The Healer of Swords is ready to take on old beliefs about illnesses of the mind.  So many of us struggle from thoughts of self-doubt, unworthiness, and despair.  We can become trapped playing back old tapes and messages that keep us down.  Depression is another battle I have personally struggled with since my teens.  At times this particular illness has robbed me of hope and the richness that life can be.

The Healer of Swords is the champion who will help you to overcome limiting thoughts, and the words and shadows of darkness that can descend.  There are times we stay awake at night, unable to change our train of thoughts, seeing things as only black and white with the worse case scenario playing out over and over again.  She is your guide to being present allowing you to let go of the past, and put aside concerns of the future.  With grace and strength her two sided sword is able to cut through to the truth.  Her grace and understanding is able to turn the tables around so that you can see things more clearly.  She is on your side and will help you to rethink and define what has been playing out in your mind.  To bring relief to the troubles you are facing and with ease help you to overcome any challenge.

For me the Healer of Swords has helped me to erase some of the old tapes that would seem to play over and over in my head.  Her wisdom has helped me to see the difference between perception and truth and to be kinder with the way I talk to myself.  One of the biggest steps in healing.

May all people know the strength and wisdom of the Healer of Swords and become their own champion, believing in themselves.

Brightest Blessings


Sep 102014

Tarot and healing have always gone together for me.  From the early days when I was first learning the tarot and was doing readings for myself,  it was always an opportunity for me to see more deeply into a particular situation. A way to add clarity and insight into what else may have been having a contributing factor in what I was going through.  I have always been strongly intuitive and empathic, sensitive to all that is going on around me and feeling deeply the emotions of others.  This can be a gift and a curse, though I would never change it and want to be any different.  I always connected more with those who had compassion and understanding and it was something I hoped to be able to share with others.  My artwork has been a way of expressing not only the difficult challenges we face but the gift of imagination and fantasy.  As I created the Rainbow Travellers Tarot I wanted the cards to be able to be used for self development and healing and I have been so honoured to read for many people who have shared their stories with me, knowing that I truly care about their well-being.

In recognition that the week of Sept 8th to the 14th is Invisible Illness Awareness Week I’m going to be sharing one of each of the Healer Guide cards in the Rainbow Travellers Tarot deck. When I created my deck I wanted to give new power and insight to what is the archetypical court cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King). They have been transformed and the Queens are now the Healers of each suit.

The Healer of Pentacles is a very precious card to me as I dedicated it to my mother in 2013 when she passed after a battle with pancreatic cancer. The Healer of Pentacles is very much a symbol of the nurturing earth mother. She is generous and caring. She is in her element when she is taking care of the physical needs of others. She is able to create an environment that is restorative and healing reminding you to be kind and gentle with yourself.

Illness of any kind can be isolating. Invisible Illnesses are even more so for no one can see what you are battling. While it may be hard to see and understand, trust me when I say that no one wants to live with chronic pain, no one wants to be depressed, and it is not something they can just snap out of. Take the time to learn about invisible illnesses and if you know anyone that is suffering know that sincere offers of kindness and compassion are priceless gifts.

If you are the Healer of Pentacles and always looking after the needs of others, make sure to take time to restore your own energy and care for yourself as much as you do others.

I will be beginning to share the artwork from my Rainbow Travellers Tarot deck on Fine Art America which is a print on demand art site that enables you to purchase my artwork and art cards.  I’d love to invite you to visit my gallery.  Perhaps someone you know could use the caring and compassion of the Healer of Pentacles and it would make the perfect encouragement card to send them.  Check out the Healer of Pentacles here.

May all people feel ease from suffering and pain.

Brightest Blessings


Sep 042014

I am so loving the change in weather and the beginning of Fall.  It is my favourite season of all.  It comes with cooler weather and the magnificence of brilliant colours.  There is an energy that comes alive this time of year, both as Fall here and Spring in the Southern hemisphere approaches.

The card for today is filled with the energy that is in my heart, the Eight of Wands.

The unbridled power in this card is tangible as she embraces her natural gifts.  She holds the wand above her head in celebration and acknowledgement of the joy and freedom of what she has accomplished.

When The Eight of Wands comes into your life it is an indication that you will be receiving new information, skills or talents that are going to sweep you into a flurry of exciting changes. It is like a new door has opened and you have found the key to making it all happen. The universe has a way of helping us to manifest what is our true purpose and this card is your messenger that the time is now.

May your days ahead be filled with the energy and wisdom that you can do anything you dream of doing!

Aug 222014

I am so excited about tomorrow.  I am part of the Vancouver Island Pagan Pride day and will be there with a one day special price on the Rainbow Travellers Tarot deck and intuitive tarot readings.  For more information about the day see the link below:

Vancouver Island Pagan Pride

The card I wanted to share in honour of tomorrow is the Three of Wands.  When I created this card I wanted to show the ancient connection of gypsy wisdom and spirit in providing divination and tarot readings.  Probably no surprise that my nickname for years has been RainbowGypsy and that as my tarot deck evolved it very much a part of who I am as well as a tool for connecting intuitively.

The Three of Wands is a magical invitation to connect with the wisdom of both intuition and spirit.  The gypsy in front of her tent uses her gifts to allow her to see beyond the physical plane and to unravel the many layers of potential that a given situation holds.  The wand she carries is a talisman to her ability to connect with mysterious and unknown realms. She is aware of her gifts and enjoys the opportunities to share this with the world.  She loves freedom and is always eager to move on to new adventures and places.  Her home is where her heart is and she takes that everywhere she goes.  The Three of Wands is about vision and insight and seeing the bigger picture of future prospects and opportunities.

I have always been drawn and attracted to gypsies though it wasn’t until later in life that I wished I had taken the opportunity as a child when my grandparents were alive to find out more about my Ukrainian heritage.  I am very much a free spirit and know I will love to be alongside the water, listening to the many musicians they have arranged for the days event.  It will be wonderful seeing all of the vendors with their tents and items for sale, and will definitely be an opportunity to connect with kindred spirits.

This is a great card for me as well as so many things are beginning to open up.  Projects that have been long in the making are just in the final stages of editing before sending them out into the world and exciting new ones are coming to life.

May the gift of the spirit fill your day with joy and blessings


May 012014

Life can be such a struggle. So many people are suffering.  I am saddened by the tragic event yesterday in one of our small communities on Vancouver Island.  What drives a middle aged man to return to a former place of employment with a gun?  In a matter of moments two lives are ended and countless others are shattered.  We are all reminded that in a blink of an eye we could love everything, including those whom we love.

I am feeling raw as my heart aches so deeply.  I have so many dear friends and loved ones right now who are overwhelmed by the pain of their chronic illnesses and the seeming unending challenges life seems to place before them.  I understand first hand the debilitating fatigue of chronic pain and depression.  I walk that path with so many others and the outside world has no idea how much courage it takes to hold on to that thin sliver of hope that some days seems all but invisible.

I’ve hit that wall and am reaching out and getting help.  When the dust settles there may be those who don’t understand or may judge the decisions and steps I have to take.  I will work hard at letting that go.  I am grabbing that fading sliver of hope and will begin to rebuild.

The Five of Pentacles can represent a difficult time or challenge, though there is also a strong message that comes with it.

Your angels are always present, ready to help if only you would reach out.  You are not alone, that is merely a feeling that will drift away when you connect with the divine presence of your guardian angel.  They will help you to face the challenges that are weighing you down.  They will help you to find your own wings so that you can lift yourself above the present circumstances.  If you allow them, there are those that would gladly come forward to help you.  Don’t think you have to go it alone.

I start today – May 1st with the gentle promise to focus on self-compassion, letting go of doubt, letting go of judgement and guilt.

Today’s affirmation or metta with a candle lit for all in need.

May I be safe
May I be free of suffering
May I be happy

May all of you.. be safe
May all of you…be free of suffering
May all of you…be happy.

Brightest Blessings from my heart to yours.


Apr 152014

At first I was sure that I would not be able to see the eclipse of the full moon tonight.  The sky was thick with clouds and yet the wind blew and in time we were able to watch the remaining stages as the moon became whole again.  This is a series of photos my wife and I took.  I don’t have a professional camera however my little Cannon was able to capture so much… and at one point even more than one could imagine.

May the blessing of the full moon bring you good health, abundance and happiness.

Apr 142014

The first of 4 lunar eclipses’ of 2014 will take place during the night between April 14 -15 beginning at 2:00 AM EDT.  This full moon is called the Blood Moon due to the red hue during its total eclipse.  A lunar eclipse is a good time to work on your spiritual connection.  Energy is heightened and activities such as meditation, chanting, wish crafting and blessings can be very effective.

The Moon and its energy have fuelled many myths and stories. The phase of the Moon which is the part that we are able to see at night is cyclical and is dependent on its position from the sun and the earth.   It is illuminated by the light of the sun, while the part facing away from the sun is in darkness. The very nature of what we see and are not able to see is part of the reason that the moon often represents situations that might be illusive and unclear.

The full moon is its most powerful phase and many people are affected by it’s energy.  Some believe it intensifies emotions and if you have ever worked in customer service, or health care there is a clear understanding that it can be a tough day in the trenches dealing with increased conflict and in some cases accidents.  I know I’ve worked in the area of customer service and have to agree there is definitely a pattern that seems to repeat it itself during these times.

Having said that I have always had a close connection to the moon.  I feel drawn to it in the night sky.  It is has always filled my spirit with a sense of ease and a feeling of being part of something so much bigger than our day to day lives.  For me the moon is very much a connection to spirit, to my intuition, and my wish for peace and hope for all.  No matter where in the world we are, the moon is a beacon that adds light to darkness.

It is only a few hours to when the eclipse is supposed to begin and unfortunately the sky is a cloudy one at the moment.  It is likely I won’t be able to see the eclipse, however you don’t need to see it, to feel it’s energy and power.

Be mindful of your thoughts, your words and your actions.  Be kind to yourself and others and be part of the energy that brings love, hope and peace to this world of ours.  Brightest Blessings

Apr 022014

Something special this Saturday, April 5th. A radio show featuring yours truly about making the connection with tarot and the energy healing of Reiki. It airs at 1:00 PM Pacific and 4:00 PM. Eastern time. It’s free and I’d love to have you join me and the host of Rainbow Psychics Blog Talk Radio Dax Carlisle.

By using the link below and selecting “Reminder” you can get a reminder at show time this Saturday:–guild-classroom

Apr 012014

April is going to be an interesting and exciting month.  There are so many new things on the horizon.  I have a new eBook that will soon be launched and shortly after that an online course on Intuitive Tarot Readings.  I’ve begun new yoga classes that while challenging are helping me to feel connected and hopeful and I’ve set some real goals for myself that I have wanted to achieve for a long time.  One of them is selecting a Card of the Day and sharing it here on the Rainbow Travellers Tarot Blog.  In addition to that I’ve joined a group of amazing individuals to learn more about social media in a way that fits with who I am.  It is not about the numbers and about making heart to heart connections.  Which for me is what it is all about.

So it is little surprise that the Ace of Pentacles showed up this morning for me to share with you.  When The Ace of Pentacles comes into your life it speaks of new beginnings.  The suit of Pentacles is connected to our physical world.  This may include but is not limited to jobs and finances which is the way this card is most often interpreted.

It also connects the physical aspect of your own body and the need to look at the role your health and well-being plays in your life and the situation you find yourself in. Making even small changes will have the impetus to bring larger rewards.

For me these two aspects are definitely areas that I am working on.  I’m excited about the potential of being able to make improvements to my health.  Yoga has begun to allow me to enjoy gentle movement that is not always later challenged by the pain of fibromyalgia.  Having a teacher who is kind, compassionate and understanding has made all the difference in the world.  I’m learning that yoga is a personal practise that allows the student to make alterations and changes with various supports that recognize we are all individuals with different abilities and needs.

The eBook I’ve written like the cards of the Rainbow Travellers Tarot has been a labour of love going into the details and interpretations of the journey tarot will take you on.  It provides the reader with questions and prompts to develop their own intuition in reading the cards and seeing the subtle messages that are there waiting for them to discover.  The eBook is in the capable hands of my editor who I know will ensure it is perfect!

The Ace of Pentacles is full of encouragement and energy, urging you to take those steps forward.  Believe that there is no better time than now to focus on manifesting the abundance you have longed for.

When the Ace of Pentacles appears in a reading it is a time for turning your dreams into something both tangible and real.

Is there is a project, job, course, hobby or wellness program that you have been meaning to get to for some time?  Tell me about it and lets encourage each other to make it happen.

Blessings of abundance and joy!



Dec 102013

Walking along the beach as the tide comes in it is little wonder to me that the tarot card that is associated with emotions and the heart is cups and the element of water. There is such a feeling of ease if you allow yourself to be in the moment and listen to the sound of the water. Allow yourself to breathe and let the gentle sound, the air and movement of the waves wrap softly around you. To be perfectly still and let the thoughts and feelings that are so tightly wrapped around your heart begin to ease.

Emotions especially at this time of year when there are so many expectations can get pretty messed up. The holiday season comes with its own challenges and at a time when cheer and sharing is the “supposed norm” so many people are struggling with deep and dark depression. Feelings of loss, sadness, hopelessness and fatigue can be crippling especially when it is something we feel we need to hide from others, and at times even more so from the people we love the most.

healercupsAt times like this the “Healer of Cups” is a guide that can help us to find our way. She is aware of the emotions that dwell in your heart. The feelings that weigh you down. She comes bearing a gift that needs to be accepted before you can do anything else. Her gift to you is the wisdom and blessing that comes with self-compassion and the importance of filling your own cup.

These are not easy lessons and she comes with the grace and kindness that you so much need. It is ok to seek refuge from that which pulls at your heart. It is ok to need to find ways that help you to find comfort, and it is so important to reach out to those you love. You are not meant to walk in darkness alone. When the Healer of Cups comes into your life as a guide she has the gift of emotional insights and can often sense the undercurrents at play. Heartache no matter what the cause is real. Do not second guess yourself. Watch the messages and things you say to yourself. Would you say them to a best friend? Someone you love? Likely not, so learning to treat yourself as you would someone you truly care about is a beginning.

Be patient, gentle and kind, you deserve this. Allow yourself to be open and to recognize that the first step to healing your heart is to love yourself, “just as you are in this moment.”