Carmen WatermanMy name is Carmen.  I am also known on the web through various on-line tarot and digital  art galleries as Rainbow Gypsy.  The image on this page was one that I made years ago when I first began the journey to rediscover the dreamer in me using multiple types of 2D and 3D software programs.  In 2003 I began to create the first images for my own tarot deck and over the years it was something I felt drawn back to over and over again.

Life has a way of taking you along many paths and for reasons we may not be aware of at the time we find that connecting to those dreams is something that gets put on the back burner while you grow and learn some pretty tough lessons.  Things like the battle and struggle to live with depression and chronic pain, balancing work, and raising a family, all seem to take every ounce of energy so that there is little left over to take those steps towards creating artwork and other creative ventures.  While creating images was the one thing that always helped me when things seemed dark or difficult I didn’t have the confidence in my own abilities to believe that it was anything more than a hobby for my own enjoyment and expression.

Then in 2010 my health deteriorated to the point that I needed to reduce the number of hours of full-time work I was able to do.  A 2 month medical leave had me reviewing what was really important in life and I came to realize that this dream of creating my own tarot deck was one that was more than just a fanciful fantasy.  I took time to reread journals I had begun over the years and each new journal started with the hope that this time I would make more time for art and writing, that I would finish my tarot deck, that I would be brave and think about sharing this with the world.

So I began again, this time creating with a passion that was more than just a hobby. I started looking at printers, publishers and decided that I would publish the deck on my own as I wanted to be able to control all of the stages, the timing and the end result.  Working even a 4 day work week did not give me enough time to dedicate myself to the kind of time I needed to work on the cards and their meanings.

Then in March of 2012 I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job so that I could focus my full attention and make this dream come true.  It is interesting to see the different reactions you get from people in your life when you take a step like this.  Giving up the security of a guaranteed income with medical benefits is not easy, and to some it likely seems radical and perhaps even irresponsible to leave those things to do what you feel called to do.  There is a quote by Anis Nin that describes perfectly how I feel about this part of my life’s journey “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Now it is so exciting to be sharing my cards “The Rainbow Travellers Tarot Deck” with you.

As a certified MBTI facilitator, I also offer workshops and individual coaching sessions on innate preferences and self-development opportunities. These sessions are focused on communication, understanding and embracing differences, and most importantly, finding your bliss… and living it! I have my level 3 Masters in 3 Reiki modalities, Usui, Seichim and Kundalini. My strongest connection is with Kundalini energy which I use to work with my clients. My deep exploration of the tarot over the past 10 years which inspired the Rainbow Travellers Tarot deck is what I use to provide insightful and empowering readings for my clients. The cards encourage you to look more deeply into your situation and inner beliefs. They become a force for personal growth that help you to find your own inner wisdom and provide the keys to unlock your fullest potential.

I would love to be able to help you find the answers you are looking for so feel free to contact me if I any of my services are something that you have been looking for.

Brightest Blessings of hope, healing and joy!

Windows of Your Own Heart