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© 2015 Carmen Waterman - Ace of PentaclesI can’t begin to find the words to express how happy and excited I am feeling about my participation in the NW Tarot Symposium being held this weekend in Portland Oregon. This is my very first ever tarot event and I’ll be spending the weekend with other divination enthusiasts as we all share our own experiences, wisdom and support of each other.  I am presenting a workshop on the “Creators Journey” about the amazing experience of creating your own tarot deck.  My talk will include the lessons I’ve learned along the way and I will also be introducing for the first time, a few of the cards for a new tarot deck that I am working on.  The powerful women in this deck have been waiting for their chance to shine and this event is like their “coming out” party.  I can’t wait to meet everyone there and to visit the beautiful city of Portland.

Life has been a real challenge over the last year for me and it is with great joy I embrace the energy of the Ace of Pentacles.  This is the perfect card for where I am and where I am heading.

The Ace of Pentacles message is that you are in a place where both external and internal success can be materialized. You will be supported in a new venture and barriers that at one time seemed insurmountable will begin to fade just as clouds will blow away with a gentle wind. This is the kind of raw energy that is called forth with the Ace of Pentacles. It is time to embrace new ventures and begin that new project, job, hobby or wellness program that you have been meaning to get to for some time. After the struggles of the last while this is truly encouraging and hopeful.  I feel her determination and the direction I’m being called in is one that I know will be successful.  This card is full of encouragement and energy, urging me to take those steps forward. This weekend is just the beginning.

If any of my followers are in the Portland, Oregon area I would love to see you at this event.  Meeting in person would be fabulous and I know the Symposium is going to Spectacular and a whole of fun.  Hope to see you there.  A link to my workshop and the event is here.


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  1. Keechy
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    Good luck, Carmen, I hope you have a fantastic time!

  2. Veronica
    | Reply

    You’ll be great. Enjoy!

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