ThanksThe Rainbow Travellers Tarot has been a dream in the making for many years.  There have been so many amazing and wonderful people who have supported me along the way, and helped me on the journey to making it a reality.  This page is in honour of all those who have been there for me, have offered support and encouragement, listened when I needed to talk or rant, shared my hopes, and embraced with joy the dreamer in me that wanted to dance to a different drummer by helping me to never give up.

In May 2012, I launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help with the costs of printing the Rainbow Travellers Tarot.  I was new to this platform and other forms of support, and while I did not reach the target I had set, I am thrilled that so many helped to support me.  It was such a blessing to get comments, feedback and supporters who were willing to share the link to my campaign. From this initial venture to publicly announce my deck, I began to gather interest from places near and far, which meant that my cards would find their way across the globe. I want to thank each of you.  You are my first clients and will always hold a special place in my heart.

This is my way of acknowledging your support and comes with my sincere appreciation for sharing in the first baby steps of this journey with me:

  • Twyla – BC, Canada
  • Arwen – Texas, USA
  • Susanne – Germany
  • Chloe – United Kingdom
  • Sharron – United Kingdom
  • Janet – Australia

After the Indiegogo campaign, I launched the Rainbow Travellers Facebook page and contracted with the most amazing local printer in Duncan.  Shelley Fraser from Print Craft was so helpful and got just as excited as I did when she had the proofs ready for me to look over and approve.  The quality of the work, as well as being able to connect with and support a local business, was very important to me and I was delighted with the final product.  The printed cards and booklet were everything I could have hoped for.

Facebook and Twitter has connected me with many kindred spirits in the tarot community and I have found many new friends and begun the joy of sharing my deck with others.  The orders are coming in and The Rainbow Travellers Tarot is shipping out to other exciting locations!  This is, and continues to be, a journey well worth taking!

There are a few others that I truly want to acknowledge individually, for you have been there time and time again for me:

  •  My wife, Jane, who is my strongest champion and helped me to believe that I have a gift that can make a difference to others. She has encouraged me every step of the way and is also the world’s best editor.  Her belief in me always saw me through the times of self-doubt and fear and she always knew just the right things to say.
  • Our daughters, Karalynn and Richelle, who watched as the artwork for the deck unfolded and offered support, feedback and encouragement.  Richelle is a stay at home Mom who has been the one that has hand sewn all of the lined tarot bags for the decks, and Karalynn is going to be with me at upcoming bazaars and shows where the deck will be for sale.
  • My sister, Barb, for being excited and sharing this journey with me by always taking the time to encourage me and to send out links of my progress along the way.
  • Deborah, Rita and Patti, some of my closest friends who truly saw me and understood when I needed to make a drastic change and leave behind the security of a corporate job to follow my bliss, and who cared enough to stay connected and encourage me.
  • Pamela Steele and Roxi Sim, two beautiful and creative artists and tarot enthusiasts, who have been so supportive, including featuring the Rainbow Travellers Tarot in a webinar on Deck Creation, and offering genuine advice from their own experiences. Pamela and Roxi have become cherished mentors and friends.
  • My extended heart family, who I have connected with via the internet.  You may not know how much your presence in my life means to me, and while I could not begin to list everyone, you know who you are. We have shared so much, been there for each other and will continue to care, knowing that our lives are better because of what we share.

Brightest blessings,